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Canadian Arctic Express: The Heart of the Northwest Passage

Canadian Arctic Express: The Heart of the Northwest Passage

Discover the essential heart of the Canadian High Arctic on this nine-day expedition, including five days spent exploring at sea. Spot musk oxen and polar bears among the otherworldly landscapes in places like Arctic Bay, Beechey Island and Croker Bay. Explore the heart of the fabled Northwest Passage and attempt to traverse the Bellot Strait, the narrow pass that wasn’t navigated by Europeans until 1937. Travel with an expert crew of seafarers, academics, scientists and locals who grew up in the region to get the most out of your journey.



    • Spot incredible wildlife on land and on Zodiac excursions. Canada’s High Arctic is home to fantastic beasts like polar bears, musk oxen, narwhals and caribou.
    • Traverse the waterways of the so-called Northwest Passage, with possible landings in Lancaster Sound, the Bellot Strait and Port Leopold Island.
    • Discover the immense beauty of ancient glaciers, house-sized icebergs, granite mountains and epic tundra that extends as far as the eye can see.
    • With two helicopters on board, you’ll get the chance to take included flights to soar above the Arctic landscape and make landings at otherwise inaccessible areas.
    • Explore parts of the Nunavut region with Inuit guides and learn about the people who have lived in the world’s most difficult environments for thousands of years.

    06/21/2023 through 08/30/2024
    06/21/2023 through 09/10/2024

    Day 1 Calgary
    Day 2 Resolute – Embarkation Day
    Day 3-7 Canadian High Arctic
    Day 8 Resolute – Disembarkation – Calgary
    Day 9 Calgary

    08/13/23 - 08/21/23

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    09/02/24 - 09/10/24

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