Explore Southern Italy

01/17/2021 through 09/22/2022
01/17/2021 through 09/25/2022
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Explore Southern Italy

Take off on an unforgettable journey down Italy’s rarely visited heel, getting to know another side of this entrancing country. Believe the beauty of Amalfi, unwind in style among the sophisticates of Trani and tour the Roman ruins, baroque churches and whitewashed alleyways of Lecce. Wander among the peculiarly shaped houses of Alberobello, wander the hillside dwellings of Matera and discover the old town’s life surrounding Bari’s Basilica di San Nicola. Head down and say ciao to Italy’s southernmost slice of the Adriatic.


  • Trani – City Walking Tour with Local Guide
  • Lecce – Aperitivo with Local Specialties
  • Alberobello – Olive Oil Mill Visit and Tasting
  • Matera – Ipogeo Underground Cistern
  • Matera – City Walking Tour with Local Guide


  • Stroll through the flourishing countryside of the Amalfi Coast and pick lemons straight from the tree
  • Join the sophisticates of Puglia with a glass of Moscato di Trani and drink to Trani’s Adriatic beauty at a harbour-side bar
  • Stay in a bit of local history and feel like a true Alberobello resident with a night in Alberobello’s unique trulli
  • Explore the otherworldly Sassi of Matera – stone houses formed from natural grottoes and tufo cliffs overlooking a dramatic gorge
  • End this Italian adventure sipping limoncello in the tangled streets of Bari’s Old Town


Day 1 Amalfi
Day 2 Amalfi
Day 3 Trani
Day 4 Trani
Day 5 Lecce
Day 6 Lecce
Day 7 Ostuni / Alberobello
Day 8 Matera
Day 9 Matera / Bari
Day 10 Bari

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