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Please review CDC Guidelines for ALL Travel related information! 


TSA will enforce the Federally mandated REAL ID Effective May 3, 2023! This will be a requirements on all domestic travel. For US states that have not been granted an extension, travelers 18 and over are required to present a passport, or other REAL ID compliant forms of identification before boarding a federally regulated commercial aircraft.

For Federal Passport Details (State Department)
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International Travel Rules and Regulations

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Angel Wings Travel strongly recommends a passport for the same reason we recommend travel insurance. Medical or Other  Emergencies. No one wants to think of any emergency occurring, however, they do. Should an emergency of any kind occur and you need to leave a cruise early, a passport is how you get back IN the United States! 

How To Apply

Credit Card Authorization Form
Upon completing your reservation, I enter all your information into the cruise line/tour operator/airlines website. To keep things legal and above board, you will receive a credit card authorization form via email. Please complete and return via scan/email as soon as possible. If you have any questions on how to accomplish this, feel free to call me! I am here to help! 
This form will authorize your first and final payments. Feel free to authorize additional payments if you choose. Thank you for your prompt response! You will not need this form is you use direct payment. This bonus is offered by some of our vendors! May they ALL choose to use technology to light the way!

Rental Car Returns
Angel Wings Travel is authorized to reserve rental cars from most national companies. When you take receipt of your vehicle and upon return please photo/video proof of the exterior and interior for your protection. Your phone camera will do fine, make sure you have the date/time option turned ON. This is especially important when no company attendant is available. Just a little extra step to avoid future aggravation. 

Packing List!

I live by packing lists. I hand write my lists a few weeks in advance, as I ponder exactly what to pack. Of course, you can now find viable packing lists online. Check it out and stop forgetting both essentials and nice to haves. 

I found this site that offers a plethora of information on packing. Enjoy your trip and pack with a carefree attitude! Let's get packing! 

Easy Packing Information 

Check out this article from regarding 

7 Secret Airline Passenger Rights You MUST Know!