Travel With Michelle!

I am as restless as you are and am ready to travel. If you are unsure about where and how to travel, Call ME!

Want to travel and have no one who is as adventurous as you are? CALL ME!

Here a few trips I will be taking in the next year. Take notes and CALL ME if you are interested! Especially for Virgin Voyages in the Mediterranean, If I HAVE to go SOLO, I will be going in 2023 - God and my body willing. Join ME! Let's shake of the Covid Blues, together!

Please NOTE: If you find the name of Virgin Voyages Ice Cream Parlor offensive, this is NOT the cruise for you! No worries, I can find you a cruise better suited to your needs!


virgin voyages

At our scoop shop, Lick Me Till... Ice Cream, we serve unique flavors daily.

Virgin Voyage Sea Terrace

Scarlet Lady Sea All Cabins above Sea Terrace Level

Sailing on Virgin from Europe or Puerto Rico are not my only desires for the next year. I will include extended time in both countries. For example, after cruising, I will be in port for several days, more in Greece, with Italy on the horizon. I've always loved the Mediterranean and cannot wait to experience it for myself! How about you? Join Me!

Of course, I will be sailing to Bermuda from Baltimore - maybe as soon as fall 2022. Interested? Call ME!

Sensing a theme here? There is one. I want you to be travel with me. So, Call ME!